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Sicilian Cannoli


Cannoli siciliani – Sicilian cannoli

Does it even need a description?
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine Italian, Sicilian


Cannoli Pastry

  • 260 g Plain Flour
  • 20 g White Sugar
  • 30 g Lard (You can use unsalted butter if you want make it vegetarian)
  • 5 g Cocoa Powder
  • 5 g Salt
  • 20 g Egg
  • 10 g White wine vinegar
  • 60 g Marsala Wine


  • 1 kg Sheep Ricotta (If not found it is ok normal ricotta)
  • 130 g Sugar
  • 80 g Dark Chocolate chips


  • 1 l Vegetable Oil


  • Mix all the ingredients for the pastry together – lard needs to be straight from the fridge. It needs to be a smooth dough. Keep in the fridge for at least half hour wrapped in cling film.
  • Take bit by bit from the dough, and roll it with a rolling pin, helped by little of flour on both sides. Use the pasta machine make the dough go through it several times, from the number 1 to the number 8, constantly re-folding it.
  • Start to warm up your oil to 180 degrees Celsius.
  • Now you should have sheets from the dough, that you need to cut at 10×10 cm squares. Take each sheet and put some beaten eggs on the corners. Close them around the shape of a steel cylinder and press the corner ends. Let them rest for few minutes.
  • Fry for few minutes, watch not to burn them. Meanwhile prep the filling, by mixing the ricotta, chocolate and sugar together.
  • Decorate the ends with more chocolate if you want to! Enjoy!
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