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A long weekend in Rome – Day 3

Even our last day in Rome was quite full, and although tired of all the walking we had done so far, we decided to see another part of the city: the Eur.

Although I have been there few times as adult, I do have a remembrance from my childhood about the Eur and its amusement park, LunEur, the largest amusement in Rome.

From where we were staying, the fastest way to get to the Eur was to take a bus, actually 2!

Eur is a strange district, it has been built while Mussolini was in charge in Italy and its aim was to host the International Expo of 1942 That never took place because of the Second World War but they kept it building and expanded the city. The district was initially called E42 (Expo 1942), and then re-named later on Eur. It was then completed for the 1960, when the Olympics took place in Italy.

One of the most interesting buildings of the area, in Rationalism style, is the Square Colosseum, or also called Palazzo della Civilta’ Italiana. This style was inspired by the classical style of the Romans but with a more modern touch. Other than the imponent buildings, difficult to ignore, you may notice the wide streets and the big spaces designed to be comfortable for a modern society. Quite a difference from the rest of Rome.

Palazzo della Civilta’ Italiana

While walking around I recommend to also to go and have a look to the Church of Peter and Paul.

Nel cuore dell'Eur - Recensioni su Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, Roma  - Tripadvisor
Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Also, while in the Eur, would recommend to have a walk in the Giardino delle Cascate, a really nice Japanese garden, really also close to the metro.


After having a walk there, we decided to go back in a more central area of Rome. So, as my husband never visited the Gianicolo, I wanted to show him.

1,100 Gianicolo Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

The Gianicolo it is a beautiful hill, with an unbeaten view of Rome, so definitely recommend to go, especially at night time, when all the lights are on it is quite spectacular. Inside the Gianicolo park, there is the statue of Garibaldi and Anita, and statues of the fighters that flighted for the Italian independency with him, i Garibaldini. Garibaldi wanted to free Rome from the power of the Church, after freeing the rest of Italy, so here when he pronounced the famous phrase: “Rome or death”.

Once visited the Gianicolo, I recomend to walk towards Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, where you also can enjoy a beautiful view of Rome.

La Fontana dell'Acqua Paola | Jorge Rojas | Flickr
Fontana dell’Acqua Paola

From there, if you go downhill, in the Church of San Pietro in Montorio where you must see a small little temple, il Tempietto del Bramante, a masterpiece of the Italian high renaissance architecture designed by Donato Bramante. If you can manage to get into the church, one of the chapels has also been designed by Bernini.

Tempietto del Bramante

From there, if you keep going down, you end up in Trastevere. We did 😀


Well, there are only few words that can describe Trastevere. It is a beautiful and really old district of Rome. Quite picturesque and full of restaurants and bars, a full immersion in roman life. If you visit it on a friday or saturday night, you will enjoy the modern roman “Dolce Vita”. Nostra Signora di Trastevere (Our Lady in Trastevere) is the main church of Trastevere, recommend to have a look there as well. I also recommend once you are there, to go around and visit all those little cute streets, have a glass of red Italian wine (roman wine it is called “Vino dei Castelli – Wine of the Castles” as made in the Castles just outside Rome). If you fancy to walk a little bit more, you could go to the Farnesina (if you have not seen it yesterday) and find a place where you can have a fried baccala’ (deep fried cod-fillet) and maybe some roman trippa (tripe).

Our trip ended in Trastevere quite night, after some drinks and loads of food. We left the following day to go back to UK.

So, enjoy the night, and enjoy your 3 days (and hopefully more) in Rome!

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