Lately I have been obsessed by eggs. I know, weird. Maybe we are close to easter, so I can see chocolate eggs all over the place + I was in an hotel for few days for work and they did not have my favourite cereals, so I went for eggs instead! That is kind of brave from my side, considering that italian breakfast it is actually a sweet breakfast. But I read so many things about it!

So, considering life prices are increasing all over the world due to this water, I decided that I would like to write some information about eggs, that can maybe help you in managing your daily life/diet/budget.

But let’s start from the beginning! I found this image on the internet, and here you can see how an egg is composed (with some biology info too!).


As you can see, the interesting parts for me are the albumen/egg white and the yolk. The egg white is mostly made by waters and proteins, so many pure proteins in a really low calories content. The yolk instead, it is a balanced biological power, a pack starter for the next hens in line, but really good for us as humans too!

An hen egg (50g) has approximate 71 kcal. There are of course other types of eggs, such as the goose egg (pretty big), duck egg and quail eggs (pretty small), that are now part of our food menus. But unless you want to experiment a little bit more (and please go ahead), I am going to focus more on the hens eggs.

Here how we would describe an egg if we had to list all of the ingredients:

Eggs are interesting for their nutrition power, but also for all the use of the components that can be made in area such as patisserie, so in the next few post will explore all of that.

Do you want to know what happened to our free range eggs? Have a look here!

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