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KitchenCraft Multi-Functional Microwave Grill Pan

I would like to introduce to you one of my latest discovery, the KitchenCraft Multi-Functional Microwave Grill Pan / Browning Dish. This Grill Pan is definitely an amazing tool to have if you cook a lot of vegetables but also meats and use a lot your microwave. I have done a video review you can find here.

In my review, I have shown how to cook really fast some asparagus, to cook them inside and browning them outside well.

Microwaves cook the food from inside out, by heating the water inside. The heat then transfer across the whole food, and cooks it out. Fast and effective. But….No browning allowed, not even considered! So, every time I microwave a vegetable, I have FOMO, yes Fear Of Missing Out, missing out of all the delicious aroma that the browning gives to both meat, and even more vegetables.

So you can see how happy I was when I have found this grill/pan for microwaves. So, you are now wondering, what does this pan do? Well, it allows the Maillard reaction or Browning to happen, IN THE MICROWAVE!

The Maillard reaction/ Browning happens between 140°C/284°F and 160°C/320°F degrees Celsius. At around 140°C/284°F, the proteins and sugar of food melt together and make this typical browning colour, this colour is the proof of the creation of a new set of molecules, that provide to the food new flavours. Do not go above 160°C/320°F tough, you will have food burning, that’s not nice!

So, as simply as that, this amazing pan/grill allows the browning reaction to happen. If you wondering how, the pan/grill features two ferrite metal layers that turn microwave energy into direct heat, which allows it to effectively mimic your oven or grill.

So, food is cooked inside and browned outside in matters of minutes! What to ask more?! Definitely something to have a look to if you enjoy food, but have no much time to prep it!

Find it here.

***I have not been paid or sponsored or given a gift to write this review**

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