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Store your eggs right and consume the fresh!

So, one you bought you eggs according to my guide here, now you need to store them right!

Well, first of all, TAKE THEM OUT FROM THAT FRIDGE (if you are European/Uk), considering that as you already know how to buy them you have bought the ones with the British Lion on or an equivalent vaccination mark against Salmonella. In US, it is a different story, considering that eggs are not vaccinated, but sprayed with a chemical sanitiser to remove bugs, but that also make the eggs more vulnerable (in case any bacteria is still alive there).

So, sorry to crush your dream of organisation of your fridge, but please if you have ignored the last paragraph, at least throw away that eggs holder and storing it in a door of the fridge. The opening and closing of the door of the fridge, cause small breakage in the egg shell and thin the white of the eggs, so better to be in an airtight container in the main part of the fridge.

If you can, anyway, store them on the pantry/larder, that would be the best way (can still keep the eggs holder for that).

How to Preserve Eggs - Water Glassing Eggs for Long-Term Storage

Also, except for when you want to separate the yolks for mayo or other similar preparation, keeping the room outside the fridge it still better for all the other preparations (boiled, scrambled, fried, poached and sponges for cakes!)

Now, the question is. If they are in my pantry, without no best before date, how do I know if they are still fresh?

Well, many of you may know the water test, but if you do not, here it is!

The shell of the eggs let the water of the white to evaporate, creating am air bubble called the “air cell”. So, immerge that egg on water, and if it sinks, well the eggs is good, if floats the eggs should be discarded. If it is half way, hurry up!


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