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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan #5

And here we are with the new menu for this week! I have noticed some of my followers have started as well to create the meal plan, great! Let’s just make obvious what are the positives to have a weekly meal plan:

  • Go to the grocery only once a week! (Leaving the time to live your life!)
  • You think about “what to cook tonight” only once!
  • Can get organised and if your day is really busy, you could decide to use the slow cooker the previous night.
  • If you are in any sort of diet, that’s the best way to keep control/increase/reduce your calories!
  • You can consult your cookbooks, that I bet are there full of dust ! and try those amazing and delicious recipes!
  • No take-away as the dishes are delicious, so why should I even think to get a take-away (full of bad calories?)?! Your bank account will also be pleased about it! 😀
  • Having yummy lunches, not a sad sandwich at work!

So, these are the reason why I keep doing mine, and I love it! So the rest of the week I do not have to think about food, but just relax and enjoy my lunches and dinners!

Here my plan this week. There are 2 ingredients you may not be familiar with: N’duja and Puntarelle.

Nduja is a hot spreadable salami from the south of Italy. I really fancy it, as it is an easy win: can be spread on the bread to make a bruschetta, can be used for sauces for pasta and rice or to saute fish and pork, or also on top of a pizza to make it taste amazing. I really advice you to try it. I normally buy it from Ocado, but nowadays can be found in many supermarkets.

Puntarelle, is another chicory from the Rome area. It is a really good and a little bit bitter, tastse amazing with pasta or spaghetti when cooked with garlic and anchovies. If you want to make it a little bit more rich, you can add some double cream, enjoy!

Always remember to add a salad next to your dish and have some fruit. I normally try to bring and eat 3 different fruit types at work, so with the breakfast and dinner portion I normally eat, will make my 5 portions at day!

Overnight Oats with Fresh Blueberries and Low Fat YogurtFusilli (Pasta) with Creamy Tuna and ArtichokesNduja Coley with Red Peppers Cus Cus
Bran Flakes with Lychees and Low Fat YogurtPasta with Garlicky Anchovies and Puntarelle Roasted Chicken with Chicory and Rocket Salad
Porridge with Banana and Chocolate Protein PowderCaponata (Aubergines Stew) with Sourdough Bread Meatballs Lamb and Rice and White Cabbage Stew
Overnight Oats with Fresh Blueberries and Low Fat Yogurt Risotto with Lamb Meatball Sauce and White Cabbage Stew Seabass Fillets With Wedges
Blueberries and Protein Chocolate Powder PorridgeChinese Fried Eggs RiceRoasted Pork with Fennel and Carrots Salad

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