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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan #4

Here my new meal plan for this month. Starting with a chinese classic for the chinese new year ( a little bit naughty- filled with pork mince, but the light one!) and going back to track with a menu rich of fish and vegetables!

I have also started to use again the protein powder, as lately I have been doing a lot of run, so I need more proteins for my body. I also got tired to snack all morning, so I prefer to have a more consistent breakfast, with healthy proteins instead of sugary snacks 🙂

I also try to buy fish during the weekend, freeze it and then use during the week, as cannot really find much fresh fish during the week at the shops. Also, I went to ASDA few days ago and I have discovered their new Plants Based food range, so I decided to buy the Vegetarian Cauliflower Cheese Crispy Grill! Looking forward to cook it, will let you know!

Check out also the dumplings recipe below!

Yogurt with fruit cocktail and chocolate protein powder.Homemade Chinese Dumplings with Pork with Cabbage in Red Sauce and Olives Tuna Steaks with parsley and coriander in balsamic lentils bed
Overnight Oats with Blueberries and YogurtCarrots and chickpeas soup, topped with feta crumbles Harissa cauliflower steak with tabbouleh and babaganoush
Fruit Cocktail Porridge— Eating out —-Grilled steaks and parsley and garlic grilled aubergines
Yogurt with fruit cocktail and chocolate protein powder. Tuna, Mayo and Red Peppers WrapsWhite Wine Roast Potatoes and Cod in White Wine.
Fruit Cocktail PorridgeFusilli with Cherry Tomatoes Sauce and Basil Cauliflower Cheese Crispy Grill and Salad

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