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Arabico Napoletano – Coffee Beans 100% Arabica

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Made exclusively with 100% Arabica.
Beans from the Triángulo del Café in Colombia and Minas Gerais in Brazil.
Round and balanced profile, creamy with malted notes. Intensity 5 out of 10.

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29 reviews for Arabico Napoletano – Coffee Beans 100% Arabica

  1. WOW this if good! and overall the price is very convenient. I transfer it in two small bags and keep i tin the fridge to last fresh for longer

  2. This coffee is so nice in an espresso / latte. I am lucky enough to have a bean-to-cup machine which produces wonderful espresso coffee or a creamy latte. I find these beans make excellent espresso and I use an espresso shot and top up the mug with steamed/frothed milk. Interestingly, when the beans are ground and brewed in a cafetière or filter machine I don’t enjoy the flavour so much (ok so I know this is a personal thing, but perhaps try a different blend if this is how you make your coffee and stick with these for a lovely Italian style espresso or latte).

  3. Nice full bean flavour. Would recommend storing in an airtight container in your fridge after the bag has been opened. You get less of a sour taste from your whole beans that way after days in an opened bag. For this reason I would have preferred a smaller bag option.

  4. Great coffee ☕

  5. Nice rich coffee that’s not over roasted. Very creamy and with chocolate notes.

  6. Superb coffee, rich, flavourful. Honestly some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. And it’s even better in bean form, as it’s that little bit fresher than the pre-ground one.

  7. Delicious and creamy, perfect for any time of the. Grind fine for best result

  8. Perfect for preparing an Espresso Martini, it’s delicate and creamy. Low acidity and full body

  9. Highly recommended. It is my daily coffee, creamy and smooth, no bitter. Grind fine for best result

  10. Very good coffee.

  11. Extremely smooth and creamy. It is definitely better than the usual high street brands 🙂

  12. These beans are the nicest I’ve tried in a while, a lot nicer than some of the ones in the supermarket so definitely worth buying. These works better in my bean to cup if finely ground. Delivery was very prompt, arrived before the expected date. Great value for money and will definitely be ordering again.

  13. Excellent. It gives best results if ground extra fine in my bean-to-cup machine.

  14. Just the right strength for me. I drink it everyday

  15. Great coffee and people!

  16. My favourite. I buy regularly every month and I’m never disappointed.

  17. Best coffee so far. Thanks!

  18. Very good. Recommended

  19. Excellent coffee and polite service.

  20. Roasted just right, to extract oils and aromatics but be still sweet. Nicer coffee I had in a while

  21. Good taste and price. I prefer to buy here rather than on Amazon because it is cheaper! 🙂

  22. Full of flavour, I just wish they do smaller bags

  23. I love this coffee, definitely my favourite so far. Good price and fast delivery.

  24. Excellent coffee. To improve the aroma I transfer it into airtight glass containers, simply because the pouch is mane of plastic.

  25. This is good coffee, finally something for the right price and not over the top. We drink it everyday, no problems, in the family we all like it and brew it in various ways.

  26. Great coffee

  27. For me it is perfect on its own or with a splash of milk.

  28. Good. Smooth and not bitter

  29. This coffee is really first class – a daily joy. I have not had such a good cup of coffee in England before. The ordering was prompt and efficient.

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