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Classico Napoletano – Coffee Beans Traditional Blend

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A traditional blend of Arabica and Robusta, exactly how the coffee is served at the bar in Italy.
Beans from the Triángulo del Café in Colombia and Mount Satima in Kenya.
Persistent aftertaste, full body and richness of spicy aromas. Intensity 8 out of 10.

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22 reviews for Classico Napoletano – Coffee Beans Traditional Blend

  1. Good coffee, rounded and malted notes. Very creamy and persistent aftertaste. It is really full of flavour

  2. Fantastic aroma and cream. I like this coffee very much

  3. Nice coffee with nutty and malted notes. I grind it very fine using my small grinder and then I use it in my Bialetti Venus induction moka, and I add a splash of milk.

  4. Love this coffee, a really superior taste, we have been buying this brand for about 3 years now, despite my wife trying different brands if she ever runs out, she finds this one the best, no bitterness, a real smooth quality flavour. Just the right amount of strength to suit everyone’s taste, we serve it in our Barber Shop, and often have clients comment on how nice it is, will def be buying again and again

  5. This is the second purchase of these beans. I would consider them a good all rounder as the flavour is strong enough for a morning coffee but not too strong for something after dinner either. The taste is lovely, a very slight bitterness but not enough to bother me and I am quite fussy.

  6. Good value – strong tasting. Bought second lot. Very dark beans and smell great. Sticky is my only criticism and so can cliff my machine a bit.

  7. Grind extra fine to extract the oils and aroma, it gives a full body coffee with thick creamy top.

  8. nice taste, thick cream. medium roast

  9. very good coffee, recommended for any time of the day. For me is perfect for capuccino

  10. Thick cream and medium acidity. I grind it very fine to extract all the flavour

  11. Not too bitter, just right. Super smooth

  12. Excellent coffee. thanks

  13. Good, I bought this as a present and it was very well received.

  14. I really enjoyed every drop!

  15. Balanced right, and medium roast

  16. Thank you again! Nice coffee.

  17. Authentic taste. It is perfect for cappuccino, just enough strong to balance the milk.

  18. Great coffee, medium roast and full of flavour

  19. Clearly there is some a substancial amount of Robusta, but that’s perfectly balanced and medium roasted to create an intense flavour. I personally prefer this distint taste and caffeine kick.

  20. thick cream and rich flavour for my espresso martini

  21. I would have preferred it in 500g bags.

  22. Very good and reminds me of Naples

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