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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan #1

I have been really busy later, between moving to our new house and Christmas with my parents over, so Floriana’s recipe blog has been a little bit ignored! But I am now back full time on my blog and really happy about it!

One of the first thing I thought to share this year is my weekly menu. Every weekend I create a menu for the whole week days. This helps me not to worry about what to make for dinner/lunch every day and moreover, do only one stop to the grocery shop, so I have the week nights to do everything else: see friends, go to the gym, dedicate myself to other hobbies. I do not plan for the weekend anyway, where I normally improvise!

All my menus are daily balanced and in general my diet is a dissociated diet. I try to have carbs and veg-based dishes for lunch, while for dinner I normally have some sort of meat/fish with other vegs! I really feel I need a lot of carbs for breakfast with proteins coming from milk or yogurt and for lunch other types of carbs with vegs to give me the boost to go through the whole day, considering I normally have dinner around 9pm.

I have loads of vegs and fruit with my lunch and dinners, as they are full of vitamins and fibers. I love my vegetables and my salads, they are never boring and they are full of colours! I really believe in “coloured” food and see many different colours in my dish makes me feeling happy, cannot see only beige or green in my dish, that would make my day a bad day.

Also, I try to plan my dishes to have 400 or more calories, plus have some snacks – fruit or chocolate based 🙂 – during the day to have the right amount of calories to nourish my body and mind every day! Of course, any of the meal can be increased or reduced with calories, but to have a plan for the week is simplifying my life and having a better and healthier diet.

MondayPomegranate Overnight OatsBroccoli Fusilli and Beetroot SaladNando Peri-peri Extra Extra Hot Chicken Thighs with Iceberg and Carrots Salad
TuesdayMango PorridgeRice, Spelt and Barley Courgette Risotto with Iceberg and Carrots SaladShakshuka and Steamed Broccoli
WednesdayPomegranate Overnight OatsBlue Cheese, Rocket and Roaster Peppers Panini; Steamed BroccoliPeas and Ham Soup with Sourdough Crostini
ThursdayYogurt with Mango and Bran FlakesCourgette flowers and Anchovies Linguine; Beetroot SaladBeef Rump Steak with Chicory and Rocket Salad
FridayMango PorridgeChickpeas & Bulgur with Courgettes and Tomatoes Soup; Chicory and Rocket SaladMediterranead Style Lamb Shoulder Shank with Fennel and Pomegranate Salad

Stay tuned for the recipes!

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