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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Plan Meal #6

Find my new weekly meal plan below! Sometimes when I do not know what to cook for the next day lunch, so to make my life easier I cook something that can be match with rice or pasta for the next day.

At dinner time, we do not eat too many carbs, prefer proteins from meat or fish – if not a veg dish – but for lunch my body really needs carbs to work at the best during the whole day!

P.S. For the artichokes below, I am buying this, as they artichokes ready to go! Do not have much time to prepare artichokes during the week!

Hope you find some inspiration for this week! Will publish the mutton and artichokes stew recipe next sunday!

Banana and Cinnamon Porridge Tomato Sauce Fusilli (Pasta) Indian Butter Chicken
Overnight Blueberries and Oats YogurtIndian Butter Chicken Basmati Rice Lentils, Cabbage and Sausage Stew
Fruit Cocktail Overnight OatsLentils and Sausage Soup with Sourdough BreadFrittata filled with mozzarella cheese and Chicory Salad
Fruit Cocktail Brand Flakes and YogurtLeek Pearl Barley RisottoSeabass Fillets with Roasted Potatoes
Banana and Cinnamon Porridge Caponata (Aubergine stew)Slow Cooked Mutton with Artichokes Stew

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